Comparison of Thermal FR Composite Pipes With PPR Plumbing Pipe :

While considering Non Metallic Pipe, the first thought comes in our mind is for PPR Pipe which is usually used in household plumbing applications. PPRC and PPR Pipe, PPRC Pipes and PPRC Fittings are mainly used for household plumbing applications. Focusing the domestic segment, we are supplying our product range in India and outside India also. This way, we have taken over the PPRC Pipes and Fittings Exporter from India as well as PPR Pipes and Fittings exporter from India.

Criteria Thermal FR Composite Piping PPR Plumbing Piping
Piping View PPR Pipes & Fittings exporter from India PPR Plumbing Piping
Thermal Conductivity Lowest Thermal Conductivity 0.024 But/hr leading to Negligible Heat Loss Higher Thermal Conductivity 0.066 Btu/hr leading to higher Heat Loss
Friction Loss related to RA Value Least RA Value i.e. 0.1 Micron prevent Friction Loss in the pipeline 0.4 Micron RA Value leads to higher Friction Loss in the pipeline
Insulation Sandwich Glass Fiber Reinforcement layer increases the temperature withstand capacity; in turn requires lesser insulation to prevent sweating Owing to Plastic material, requires very thick insulation to prevent sweating and heat loss
Thermal Expansion Very less Thermal Expansion because of Sandwich Glass Fiber Reinforcement Layer Very high Thermal Expansion having Random Co Polymer compared to all polymers
Maintenance NIL Maintenance having benefits such as Least Thermal Expansion and Sagging High chances of Maintenance because of higher Thermal Expansion leading to sagging as well as Insulation
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