Comparison of Thermal FR Composite Pipes with PP-PPH-PPFRP Piping :

Nowadays, people are using PP Pipes with FRP coating to prevent heat loss. With the vast experience and continuous R & D, Anjney Tubes India has developed Thermal FR Composite Piping with Sandwich Glass Fiber Reinforcement using Glass Reinforcement Technology which has catered the industrial segment “Corrosion Free Pipe”. Compared to PP-PPH-PPFRP Piping, Thermal FR Composite Piping gives higher life and excellent temperature and chemical resistance.

Criteria Thermal FR Composite Piping PP / PPH / PP-FRP Piping
Piping View Replacement of Thermal PP-FRP Pipe PP / PPH / PP-FRP Piping
Joining Strength Socket Fusion joining system guaranteeing 100% Leak Proof element in pipes Butt Fusion Joints with FRP Coating gives very poor joints and leads to highest leakages
Thermal Conductivity Lowest Thermal Conductivity 0.024 But/hr leading to Negligible Heat Loss Higher Thermal Conductivity 0.066 Btu/hr leading to higher Heat Loss
Friction Loss related to RA Value Least RA Value i.e. 0.1 Micron prevent Friction Loss in the pipeline 6.5 Micron RA Value leads to higher Friction Loss due to rough inner surface and Butt Fusion Joints
Insulation Sandwich Glass Fiber Reinforcement layer increases the temperature withstand capacity; in turn requires lesser insulation to prevent sweating Even after FRP Coating, needs insulation to prevent sweating and heat loss leads to higher costing
Aesthetic Piping View Owing to Sandwich Glass Fiber Reinforcement layer, very less sagging gives nice and Aesthetic View to the pipeline Having FRP Coating, disordering and messy view of the pipeline
Maintenance NIL Maintenance having benefits such as Least Thermal Expansion and Sagging High chances of Maintenance because of leakages and higher Thermal Expansion leads to heavy maintenance
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