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PPCH FR V 2 Pneumatic Pipes as per ISO 15874:2012 and PPCH FR V2 Fittings as per 16962 – Part 5 to 10

PPCH Pipe | PPCH FR Pneumatic Pipe

Multi Layered Technology with Glass Reinforcement and Flame Retardant V2

PPCH Serving; Registered Trademark of Anjney Tubes India has become the Technology of compressed air pipeline PPCH is Serving enormous companies since last 25 years with Good Reputation in Market with 100% Customer Satisfaction. ANJNEY did continuous R&D, studied the needs, demands , took feedback from customers and accordingly made “NEW TECHNOLOGY” .This newly developed “New Innovation “ has made it possible to get “Higher Inner Dia same dia pipe” , which can give more flow, at lesser time than any other piping technology. Along with the existing unique feature ,i.e, Glass Reinforcement Technology to Flame Retardant V2 Technology, ANJNEY added two more merits as more flow due to higher inner dia and UV resistant with Carbon content with Internationally recognised colour coding “blue” .Our continuous blue-black strips on the pipe with its own significance are our Trademarks and applied for design copyright to make this our unique identification.

Compressed Air Piping plays an Important Role in the Selection of Industrial Pipeline since it creates Energy Consumption and affects to Product Quality especially in Textile, Process, Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Food and Paper Industries.

Issues like Friction Loss, Pressure Drop, Moisture becomes very critical in Compressed Air Application and all piping material invented till date would have never been able to solve them. To overcome these issues, Anjney has the power to assure for reducing such issues by innovative and well developed product PPCH FR V 2 Pneumatic (Flame Retardant) Pipes and Fittings after continuous R & D and a vast experience of 20 years in Polymer Industry and even more Anjney has the capability to reduce the Costing by its special characteristics like 0.1 Micron Friction Loss, 0% leakage and Negligible Pressure Drop.

Industries focusing on Energy Saving and converting Hidden loss into Profit; choose Anjney brand PPCH FR V 2 Pneumatic(Flame Retardant) Pipes and Fittings leading to maximum Energy Saving and Preventing Hidden Loss compared to other piping material.

Merits Of innovative technology and specialized process of PPCH FR V2 Pneumatic Pipes and Fittings

1) Greater Inner Diameter – Image as shown below
PPCH FR V 2 Flame Retardant Pipe | PPCH Pipes | Elbow PPCH Product

The new PPCH processed from upgraded and latest technology raw material certified by Exova imported from Germany having high Hoop Stress contemplated in reducing the wall thickness .This increased inner diameter ,ultimately increased the flow of Air in particular frame of time.

2) Smoother Inner Surface:-

New PPCH processed through hi-tech German make machineries which supports the raw materials to process with lesser RA value up to 0.1 micron, which allows fine flow of air.

3) Glass Insulation :-

Glass acts as non-conductor of heat. So the Sandwich Glass Reinforcement technology reduces the condensation, thus reduces the chances of moisture in PPCH technology getting least.

4) Sandwich Glass Reinforcement:-

PPCH FR V 2 Flame Retardant Pipe | PPCH Pipes | Elbow PPCH Product
The Sandwich Glass Reinforcement technology processed on PPCH enables to withstand more pressure even in high temperature. Since Glass is non-conductor of heat, so there is lesser thermal expansion, this reduces sagging.

5) UV Resistant :-

PPCH FR V 2 Flame Retardant Pipe | PPCH Pipes | Elbow PPCH Product
New PPCH technology being developed with carbon content black layer which the pipes from UV rays in open sky. The blue coloured strips above the black layer are due to its universally recogonised colour coding.

6) Flame Retardant :-

PPCH FR V 2 Flame Retardant Pipe | PPCH Pipes | Elbow PPCH Product
Possibility of catching fire in process units are very common. Our PPCH pipes has undergone special treatment V2 approved flame retardant ,which donot let the fire to move further causing least damage.

7) Non-Corrosive :-

PPCH technology processed from special grade of polymer, the grade used by us in non-corrosive and non-erosive, so there is no chance of corrosion.

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