Comparison of PPRCT FR V 2 PP-PPH-PPFRP Piping :

Nowadays, people are using PP Pipes with FRP coating to prevent heat loss. With the vast experience and continuous R & D, Anjney Tubes India has developed Thermal FR Composite Piping with Sandwich Glass Fiber Reinforcement using Glass Reinforcement Technology which has catered the industrial segment “Corrosion Free Pipe”. Compared to PP-PPH-PPFRP Piping, Thermal FR Composite Piping gives higher life and excellent temperature and chemical resistance.

Criteria PPRCT FR Composite Piping PP / PPH / PP-FRP Piping
Piping View Replacement of Thermal PP-FRP Pipe PP / PPH / PP-FRP Piping
MOC Polypropylene having composition with Glass Fiber Reinforcement It is a plastic pipe made from Polypropylene Random Copolymer
MRS related to Wall thickness Lesser wall thickness required due to higher MRS i.e. 12.5 Higher wall thickness required due to lesser MRS
Inner Diameter related to Flow and Energy Saving Lesser wall thickness gives higher inner diameter which increases the flow and energy saving Higher wall thickness reduces the inner diameter which decreases the flow and increases the energy consumption
UV Resistance Multi-layer technology covered with UV resistance carbon content layer in the form of strips on the pipeline No UV resistance hence, not cannot be used in direct sunlight
Thermal Expansion related to Sagging PPRCT Pipes having Glass Fiber Reinforcement Technology with special grade of Polypropylene reduces thermal expansion up to 5-6 times which prevents sagging Plastic technology has higher thermal expansion when exceeds ambient temperature and PPR Pipe is having very high thermal expansion from all polymer pipes which leads to lots of Sagging.
Support & Clamp Glass Fiber Reinforcement composition with Polypropylene preventing sagging reduces the support and clamping requirement that minimizes the additional costing and gives nice aesthetic view to the pipeline Due to Sagging; clamping and support needed at very short distance which increases the costing and even spoils the aesthetic view of the pipeline
Manufacturing standard As per ISO 15874-2:2012 especially for industrial use As per IS 15801 or DIN standard which is for household plumbing applications
Life with Maintenance Due to crystalline technology, higher life without maintenance Life with maintenance

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