Thermal FR Composite Pipes and Fittings

PPRCT FR Composite Pipes as per ISO 15874:2012 and Fittings as per 16962 – Part 5 to 10:

Multi Layered Technology with Glass Reinforcement

With our Rock-Solid experience, R & D and keeping in mind our Customer’s expectations, we at Anjney constantly strive to launch new and ground-breaking technologies in the market. Our newly innovated product is designed to deliver and to live up to every detail of complete customer satisfaction.

The raw material used are newly and radically upgraded with 25% high MRS than any grade of Polypropylene. This increases the strength of pipe and the inner diameter of a standard pipe. Higher MRS supports and sustains the pipes at high pressure and at high temperature making it robust and sturdy.

Energy saving

ANJNEY brand PPRCT Pipes and Fittings are the ultimate and an intelligent solution to be used in various temperature lines for long life expectancy of pipes and energy saving.

The M.O.C. of the technology is a special grade of POLYPROPYLENE, as ISO 15874-2:2012, the global standard approved with a special crystalinity, Sandwich Glass Reinforced technology.

Major characteristics that distinguishes PPRCT
  • Higher Hoop Stress compared to any polymer grade
  • Higher Mechanical Strength that supports to reduce Wall Thickness
  • Higher flow, resulting to Energy Saving.
PPRCT Application Areas
  • Any type of waterline application :: Normal water , R.O water, Raw water, Hot water
  • All type of Environmental application :: Effluent Treatment Plant, Water treatment plant , DM Water
  • Process Line :: All corrosive chemicals, all oil lines , all process lines
  • Temperature Line / Chemical Line :: Hot water condensation line and High temperature
  • All type of utility application :: Chiller line, cooling tower line.
PPRCT claims exceptional technical figures. No other polymer pipe gives such mechanical strength and flow with better temperature resistance , that also assure very less heat loss with great impact strength and less thermal expansion.

PPRCT piping are developed with special grade of polypropylene and glass reinforcement which fulfills the Industrial needs The technical comparison clearly shows how our PPRCT pipes are superior over other piping system.

Technical Evalution Of PPRCT Pipe with Aluminium and Metal Pipes

PPRCT FR Composite Product Range

Special Note: Inserted fittings are not advisable in any type of corrosive chemical applications.

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