Comparison of PPCH FR V 2 Pneumatic Pipes and PPR Pipes :

PPR Piping is being used for domestic water line and household plumbing applications. With a view to resolve Sagging and pressure drop, Anjney has invented PPCH FR V 2 Pneumatic Pipes and Fittings and is supplying its product range in huge quantity in India and outside India. This way, Anjney Tubes India is also known as one of the best “Pneumatic Fittings manufacturers” and “Pneumatic Fittings Exporters” of India.

Criteria PPCH FR V2 Pneumatic Pipes PPR Plumbing Pipes
Piping View PPCH FR V2 Pneumatic Piping PPR Plumbing Pipes
Manufacturing Technology Multilayer Glass Fiber Reinforcement Technology with special grade of Crystalline property Plastic Pipe technology from Polypropylene Random Co Polymer
Glass Fiber Reinforcement 60% layer of Glass Fiber Reinforcement in the pipe No assurance of Glass Fiber Reinforcement in the pipeline
Flame Retardant Made from V2 Additives; absolutely Flame Retardant V2 Pipes opposing fire to increase Pure polymer catches the fire very easily and burns like a candle
UV Resistance Excellent performance with long life in direct sunlight having UV resistant carbon content layer on the upper layer Poor performance in direct sunlight applications as not having UV resistant
Temperature Resistance Higher temperature resistance owing to Glass Fiber Reinforcement Technology Moderate temperature resistance on account of Random Co Polymer
Greater Inner Diameter in the same dia pipe Reduces the wall thickness without reducing strength and provides greater inner diameter in the same diameter of pipe Higher wall thickness of the pipe reduces the Inner diameter
Higher Flow Almost 12%-18% higher air flow having higher inner diameter in the same size pipe Lesser Inner Diameter gives lesser flow and increases Energy Consumption
Energy Saving 6-8% Energy Saving because of 12%-18% higher flow in the same size pipe in the same time period No energy saving due to lesser air flow
RA Value 0.1 Micron RA Value preventing friction loss and giving smoother flow 0.4 Micron RA Value leading to higher friction loss and more energy consumption
Manufacturing standard As per ISO 15874-2:2012 especially for industrial use As per IS 15801 or DIN standard which is for household plumbing applications
Maintenance Due to crystalline technology, higher life without maintenance Life with maintenance

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