Comparison of PPCH FR V 2 Pneumatic Pipes and Metal Pipes:

Focusing on Energy Saving in Industries, Air Compressor manufacturers nowadays recommend Non Metallic Pipes instead of Metal Pipeline due to the issues like leakages, pressure drop, corrosion etc. To overcome these issues, Anjney brand PPCH FR V 2 Pneumatic Piping is the best solution in Industrial segment. To understand the difference, it is necessary to have a look at the comparison of Anjney brand PPCH FR V 2 Pneumatic Piping with Metal Pipeline.

Criteria PPCH FR V2 Pneumatic Pipes Metal Pipes
Piping View PPCH FR V2 Pneumatic Pipes - Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier Metal Pipes - Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier
Joining System related to leakages Socket Fusion joining system assuring 0% leakage Threaded joints leading to higher leakages
RA Value related to Energy Saving 0.1 Micron RA Value ensures good amount of energy saving 1.3 Micron RA Value leads to higher energy consumption
C Value related to higher flow 150 C Value gives higher and smoother flow reducing the energy consumption 130-135 C Value gives lesser flow which consumes more energy and leads to expenses
Thermal Conductivity related to Moisture Moisture Free Anjney brand Pipe having 0.013 Btu / hr F Thermal Conductivity assures No Moisture and NIL corrosion in the pipeline Higher thermal conductivity 43.66 Btu / hr F creates moisture in the pipeline ultimately leading to corrosion
Maintenance related to corrosion NIL maintenance owing to 100% leak proof element and NIL corrosion Very high maintenance due to corrosion and leakages
Life expectancy related to lesser costing 25 years of life due to NIL Leakage Maximum 5 years of life with maintenance due to higher leakages
Energy Saving Energy Saving Due to 0% leakage and negligible friction loss Very High Energy consumption Due to Higher Friction Loss & Head Loss.

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