Comparison of PPCH Pipes with different pipes:

People assign value to things by comparing one thing to another. People are constantly comparing and contrasting physical things, people, experiences and ephemeral things. Hence, to decide the right product for own use which can give better result along with productivity and performance as well as monetary savings, comparison plays an important role. To select the appropriate piping, for your industry according to the application, machinery and accessories like Air Compressors, Reciprocating Compressor, Centrifugal Compressor, Pneumatic Tools, Chillers, Cooling Towers, Water Treatment Plants, & Tubes etc. You may refer the comparisons by selecting criteria:

Comparison of PPRCT FR Pipes with different pipes:

Considering the current competitive industrial market, it has become very essential to select the pipeline which can cater us the best Anti-corrosive ENERGY SAVING PIPE with 0% leakage, NIL Friction loss and Negligible pressure drop as well as lower thermal conductivity. With the concept to overcome issues such as corrosion, leakages, pressure drop and heat loss, Anjney Tubes India has developed Thermal FR Composite Pipes and Fittings; a Non Metallic Pipe for various industrial applications.

Comparison of Thermal FR Pipes with different pipes:

Anjney Tubes India, a leading manufacturer of Water Pipes started manufacturing HDPE Pipes and Fittings in 1995 and then added PPRC Pipes and Fittings in 2000 in our manufacturing product range. With a view to give solution of piping for critical industrial applications, we upgraded our product to PPCH FR V 2 Pneumatic Pipes and PPCH Fittings by developing Glass Fiber Reinforcement Technology. Anjney Tubes India is the one and only manufacturer of Thermal FR Composite Pipes and Fittings which has been especially developed for different industries such as Pharmaceutical Industries, Chemical Industries, Dyes Industries, Food Industries, ETP, WTP & STP Plants, Pickling Plant, Engineering Industries, Ceramic Industries – Vitrified Industries etc. We have done more than 1000 installations in various applications like Cooling Water Application, Chilled Water Application, Chiller Water Application, Cooling Tower Application, Highly corrosive chemical transfer, Sulphuric Acid application, Hydro Chloric Acid Application, Nitric Acid Application, all types of Process and Utility Pipelines etc. Anjney brand Thermal FR Composite Pipes and Fittings are the best replacement of Metal Pipe, PP Pipe, PPH Pipe, FRP Pipe, PP-FRP Pipe, Insulated Pipe, SS Pipe / Stainless Steel Pipe and the best solution for Chiller and cooling tower applications.

Chiller Manufacturers and Cooling Tower Manufacturers in India and Chiller and Cooling Tower Exporters of India and across the world have been accepted Anjney brand Thermal FR Composite Pipes and Fittings as the Best and Most Suitable Solution as a Leak Proof Pipe and Sandwich Glass Fiber Pipe in all types of industrial applications and especially chiller and cooling water applications. Many Chillers Manufacturers and Cooling Tower Manufacturers are using Anjney brand Thermal FR Composite Pipes and Fittings in chilled water applications as well as cooling tower applications and are happy with the performance. Thus Anjney Tubes India has become the Solution Provider for all types o Utility and Process applications at Global Industrial Segment.


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