Comparison between PPCH FR Pneumatic and Aluminum Pipe

With a view to cater the pipeline with least Pressure drop and 0% leakage, ANJNEY stepped into manufacturing PPCH FR V 2 Pneumatic Piping with the latest technology of Sandwich Glass Fiber Reinforcement for almost all types of Pneumatic Applications to replace Aluminium Pipes in India and outside India. Thus PPCH FR V 2 Pneumatic Piping manufactured by us is being considered as Aluminium Pipe Replacement.

ppch-aluminum ppch-aluminum
Criteria PPCH FR V2
Pneumatic Pipes
Aluminum Pipes
Chances of Friction Loss Negligible Friction Loss Owing to Higher C Value - 150 and Least RA Value - 0.1 Micron Higher Friction Loss Owing to Lesser C Value - 130 and Higher RA Value - 0.7 Micron
Joining Strength Socket Fusion Joining System Guaranteeing 100% Leak Proof Element in Pipes Push Fit Joints Depending on Oaring Leading to Maximum Leakages in Pipes
Pressure Holding Test Having Inbuilt Glass Fiber Reinforcement Layer, Successful in the Pressure Holding Test. Due to Push Fit Joints Depending on Oaring, Failed in Pressure Holding Test.
Moisture Negligible Chances of Moisture Because of Glass Insulation and Least Thermal Conductivity 900 Times Higher Thermal Conductivity Leads to Moisture
Maintenance Non Corrosive and Glass Fiber Reinforcement Piping Technology Leads to NIL Maintenance Push Fit Joints Depending on Oaring Demands Extra Care to Maintain and Leads to Heavy Maintenance at Certain Period.
Energy Saving Up to 5% Energy Saving Owing to Least RA Value, Higher C Value and 100% Leak Proof Element Very High Energy Loss Due to Higher RA Value, Lesser C Value and Leakages From Joints and Pressure Drop

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