The Anjney Culture

At Anjney Tubes India, its people are its greatest strength and they are the reason for its success. The combined efforts of its people have helped the company in accomplishing several goals. As an organization, ANJNEY consists of people having diverse background and culture. Each member has different upbringing that influences his or her views, opinions, preferences, prejudice, beliefs, etc. This diversity is the strength of Anjney that is harnessed by the core values, which the company is constantly striving to build on. The organization is often addressed as “ANJNEY PARIVAAR”, which reflects the bonding amongst the employees.

Professional Organization, innovative products, monopoly in the market and fast growing segment have become very important factors to build a career. To join with “Anjney Parivaar” by building your career is like “to fly high in the sky with the help of wings which is as important as a Fast Growing Organization Anjney Tubes India; having a strong grip in the market with monopoly in industrial segment.

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