About us


Journey of manufacturing innovative pipes and fittings, serving the customers to their satisfaction level begin in the year 1995. Continuous R & D and innovation in its own existing pipes has led the company to launch new innovative products in every 5 years. Our German Extrusion Technology Machineries , Exova approved Raw Materials, our Ultra Modern well equipped Infrastructure inspires us more for further innovation in our products.

We ANJNEY Tubes India stepped into manufacturing of Non Metallic Pipes and Fittings for various industrial applications with a goal to introduce Innovative Technology and Products to the industrial segment with every leap we take towards growth and progress. With a view to cater our manufacturing product range at most competitive rates, we sincerely follow our goals and targets defined by the organization. We especially thank our followers for following us and manufacture same kind of products and offer us healthy competition. This gives us an opportunity to prove ourselves us as “A Genius”.

ANJNEY Tubes India has a state of the art establishment, a giant manufacturing set up with latest technological machinery and excellent infrastructure at a prime location. ANJNEY is having a Remarkable and well-built existence in more than 45 locations across India and Abroad directly or indirectly.

Focusing industrial segments, main issues such as leakages and pressure drop, energy consumption in the pipeline, we have started manufacturing our product range with the latest Glass Fiber Reinforcement Technology with the concept to produce our product range with Inbuilt Glass Fiber Reinforcement Layer. We are mainly focused on various industries where Anjney brand Product range is widely used and catering its benefits to the users. We focus on various industries in India and detail list is furnished below:

Let us have a look on how Anjney brand product range is beneficial to various industrial users in different ways:

1. Textile & Garment Industries: Textile industries run on Air. Air is a very useful element and most required element. Hence, it is necessary to make proper usage of AIR. Only through Anjney brand PPCH FR V 2 Flame Retardant Pipes and Fittings providing NIL LEAKAGE and Least Pressure Drop, it has become possible to make PROPER USAGE of AIR.

2. Engineering Industries: To prevent air loss, friction loss and heat loss, people choose the product which actually gives excellent performance without Friction loss and heat loss. Socket Fusion welding system of Anjney brand product range assures NIL leakages and Least Pressure Drop in the pipeline. Different Engineering Industries are Bearing, Automobile Ancillaries, Cable, Fertilizers and Forging & Casting etc.

3. Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries: Corrosion free pipeline in Pharmaceutical and chemical industries increases the productivity in the plant and efficiency of the machinery. With a view to use leak proof and corrosion resistant pipeline, Anjney brand Product range is the top most choice in Pharmaceutical industries as well as chemical industries.

4. Paper & Packaging Industries: The higher C Value in the pipeline, the smoother flow it will give. 140 C Value in Anjney brand product range gives excellent and very smooth flow in the pipeline. The circulation of pulp becomes smoother and faster in Anjney brand product range.

5. Others: Anjney brand product range having technical advantages such as NIL Leakages due to socket fusion joints, Least Friction Loss and Pressure Drop owing smoother inner surface is suitable for almost all types of industries such as Automobile industries, Plastic industries, Ceramic & Vitrified industries, Food industries, Agriculture industries, Sortex industries, Steel & Glass Industries.

Mostly industries are using various pipeline of different MOCs i.e. Conventional Pipe, Galvanized Pipe, MS Pipe, Aluminium Pipe, Stainless Steel Pipe, PU Pipe, Push Fit Pipe etc in their plants for various industrial applications. Anjney brand PPCH FR V 2 Pneumatic Piping, PPRCT FR Composite Piping and Thermal FR Composite Piping replace all types of pipeline such as GI, MS, Aluminium, PU Pipeline by catering 0% leakage, Negligible Pressure Drop, very less Friction Loss and Higher and smoother flow with NIL Chances of Corrosion.